Evan Class

This page is about the new Evan class that recently came out in KMST. They are one of the Five Ancient Heroes. The Aran Race is another ancient hero.



Another story of a baby dragon who has been waiting for a hero.
Once there was a normal boy that lived near the village of Henesys.
He discovers a dragon egg that he saw in his dream.
And so, the story of the Dragon Master unfolds.
In the beginning,  Evan and the baby dragon knew nothing.
But with the growth of the baby dragon,  Evan’s strength continues to increase endlessly.

The new job ‘Evan’ has been released. Faster than I expected, right now I actually know what I want for Christmas.
Evan will have a similar start as Aran (Black Road), but will not have the exclusive Combo system.
At Lv. 1, Evan will start in a place nearby Henesys.

Evan discovers a dragon egg that he saw in his dream, it hatches and the strength and growth of the baby dragon will be stronger.
Evan is a Dragon Master with an (evolving) dragon by his side, the Dragon can evolve ten times: 10 → 15 → 20 → 30 → 45 → 70 → 85 → 100 → 110 → 120.


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